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TALENT and sheer grit have seen Arthur Bozikas become an Amazon Number 1 best seller author as well as a leader in the disability sector.

The WEXPO exhibitor is an Order of Australia recipient for his disability work and the Blacktown 60-year-old has achieved so much while continuing to battle a genetic blood disorder that has threatened to shorten his life.

Bozikas has written a total of four books, including a harrowing autobiography about his ongoing battle with beta-thalassemia major, which required regular blood transfusions during his childhood.

Critics have been singing his praises, which has stunned the author who “just wanted to write stories that made readers turn the pages”.

Bozikas’s success as an author comes after his stellar career in the disability sector and teaching university and TAFE business management courses.

Writing was always his passion.

Bozikas published three books internationally in 2021, with the fourth (The Book Glasses Series Book 2) just released in September.

The Book Glasses was first to be published in early February 2021.

This book took him only six months to complete and became an Amazon Number 1 best seller, scoring a gold medal at the 2021 Global Book Awards.

 “Although I had the story in my head for over ten years, when I started writing, it just poured out from thin air,” Bozikas said.

It’s about enriching lives

“Stephen King’s words continue to inspire me after all these years. Writing, it’s about enriching the lives of those who will read your work, and enriching your own life, as well.”

The Book Glasses is about a woman named Samantha Page who lives with a disability, which prevents her from being able to read but this ordinary woman is given an extraordinary chance.

Bozikas’s second book Black Ops: Zulu. (Tom Stiles Thrillers Book 1), was the second book published internationally later in the same month (February) 2021.

“This book took ten years to complete after first coming up with the idea of Tom Stiles, developed out of my first creative writing course I took at Sydney University,” Bozikas said. “Originally, the inspiration for this book has been Casino Royale by Ian Fleming, after first reading it at a very young age.

“I hope you enjoy this back-story of an Aussie family man pulled unexpectedly back into a life of espionage.”

For his third book, published in August 2021, Bozikas turned to autobiography. Iron Boy tells his heart-rending story of overcoming his potentially life-shortening genetic disorder.

Through a “miracle” treatment that has extended his life, Bozikas has enjoyed a long marriage and has a family, though treatment is ongoing.

There seems to be no end of success for this talented man who is grateful for every day of a life he only dreamed of living. 

Arthur Bozikas is exhibiting in the Diamond Room at WEXPO 2022 at Blacktown Workers Club, October 24.

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