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Real transformation is not a destination; it's a lifelong journey of discovery between the present moment and future aspirations through your conscious and subconscious mind.

The process of Metamorphosis has always fascinated me since I was young. The classic journey of a vulnerable, anxious caterpillar to a vibrant and beautiful butterfly is the most common representation of Metamorphosis.

But human transformation is more spectacular and magical than the journey of a caterpillar. You have undergone a ' constant ' transformation from the day you were born to today. And if you get through reading this blog and push past the conscious thoughts you are currently thinking, you will have transformed even further!

While transformation usually reflects positive change or growth, the reality is that transformation can also mean going backward. Life is not static, and change is inevitable. You either evolve or devolve.

So how do you evolve and embrace the journey of meaningful life and business transformation? In my upcoming workshop at Wexpo (www.wexpo.com.au), I will share the key elements (I will use the term 'lands' at the workshop) that individuals must traverse or master to discover the joys of positive transformation. The more we travel to these lands (see below), the faster our transformation leads to the joyous manifestation of our desires and goals.

For meaningful transformation, you must master or travel to the following elements.


I often tell others that time can be your best friend one day while becoming your worst enemy another day. Time is finite, set by humanity. Everything revolves around it. You are either late, on time, or early. We attach meaning to time. For meaningful transformation to occur, you must own the land of time. By owning, I mean you need to control the concept of time, or else time will control you. People often use the term Time Management in this regard.


Unless you are an evolved guru, sitting and meditating at the top of a mountain, you probably need money to transform your life. This is especially true in business. The worth of a business is based on its present and future earning capacity. Humans attach meaning and stories to money. Some believe it is a product of greed. Others believe it is a sign of universal abundance. For meaningful transformation to occur, your resonance with the 'energy' of money will determine how much money appears on your bank balance.


For meaningful transformations to take place, it requires the collective energy of humans. The power of many also trumps the power of one. In this fast-changing world filled with uncertainty and chaos, your ability to build meaningful and ethical relationships with human beings with aligned values and vision is essential for evolution.


Constant learning and application of skill is a path to meaningful transformation. The level of your knowledge, skills, and experience is directly related to the positive increase in your self-worth and self-esteem. Significant financial and emotional health await those who constantly learn and apply skills to further their experience.

Emotional Intelligence

I liken the land of time, money, people, and knowledge to the continents on Earth. These are tangible and can be measured by metrics and numbers. Emotional Intelligence is like the ocean that separates continents. For humans to travel between the land of time, money, people, and knowledge, they must traverse the oceans (like ancient explorers). Emotional Intelligence is an essential skill for transformation. It involves self-awareness, empathy, and building rapport. Without emotional Intelligence, you will be stuck (and probably alone) in one of the lands of time, money, people, and knowledge. And that I can assure you is not fun!

While the above elements are the drivers of meaningful transformation, there are many other elements that you will need to visit and master! I have covered the aspects of Earth and water, but you would be aware that other elements exist in this universe.

Want to find out more? If this resonates with you, join me by registering for my free workshop at Wexpo by clicking the link below.

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