WEXPO 2020 has been postponed due to coronavirus. Dates and venues for 2021 to be advised soon.

Wexpo 2020

Grow and Connect at WEXPO 2020

WEXPO has been developed by local businesses to showcase the opportunities within Australia’s fastest growing region, Greater Western Sydney. Exhibitor stalls and workshop plenary sessions

are designed to fall into our three key themes:

• Infrastructure & property update
• Business improvement
• Services and support

Exhibit at WEXPO 2020

With Western Sydney developing at unprecedented levels, businesses and agencies are looking for new ways to communicate and engage with prospective buyers and constituents. WEXPO 2020 is a unique opportunity to connect with targeted buyers and decision makers bia a showcase of products, services, information and networking opportunities.

Value of Face to Face

When it comes to communication nothing beats face-to-face. By attending WEXPO 2020 you will hear from leading speakers in areas of life success, business and major projects. With 100 stalls over two popular locations, WEXPO delivers a unique environment for visitors to browse a stalls and experiences.

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WEXPO connects the West

In terms of GDP, Western Sydney is half the size of Western Australia and bigger than Tasmania, Northern Territory and ACT combined. With 2.5 million people the region is the fastest growing population in Australia and the most diverse in terms of culture and age. It is home to 150,000 businesses and an unprecedented boom in development driven by the construction of Australia’s newest 24-hour airport.

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